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A Taste of Creativity with Magnetic Tiles

Unleash your child’s creativity with a colorful set of magnetic tiles. Each tile is polarized with north and south poles on the opposite side of every magnetic tile. Whichever orientation of the tile, they always align and connect. The outer facing and counter positioned magnets allow your child to flip around and rotate the tiles with zero chances of repelling.

Experience love at first contact with magnetic paradise tiles encouraging endless creativity with colorful tiles ideal for children of all ages. The magnetic tiles can be combined into any geometrical shapes or objects and serve an educational purpose with different squares, rectangles, diamonds, and triangles.

Each STEM compliant set of Magnetic paradise tiles is a durable off-screen playtime essential for improving your child’s hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, logical thinking, pattern recognition, color perception, and imaginative play, and fine motor skills. The tiles boast solid constructions with a reinforced and sturdy design featuring stronger magnets and several geometrical shapes.

Get creative with lovely colorful shapes from bright translucent colored tilesfor building unlimited profiles, including castles, towers, bridges,and spaceships.The never-fading colors are part of the magnetic tiles’ sturdy, reliable design made of non-toxic ABS plastic that is ultrasonically welded to prevent chipping, scratching, breaking, or falling apart even with repeated use or the occasional tantrums.

The multicolored magnetic tiles with varying geometrical shapes give freedom to build more objects. The smooth, decorative surfaces and edges are works of remarkable craftsmanship. They prevent accidents, while the included model book can be used to bolster creativity. The sheer number of pieces in every magnetic paradise tileset is more than enough to build an entire city. If not, the tiles are compatible across different magnetic paradise tile sets. The improved magnetism lets your child make more and more intricate designs as they grow.

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